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Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

Once a boy named Martin was born. He lived with his aunt and sister and dad. But when his sister died he got mad for some reason. And when his aunt died he got madder. And when his dad died he was madder than anybody else in the city so then he turned 41 and his present was a house. A BIG HOUSE but then somebody moved in across the street. A boy a mom and a dad then they just staired at martin then his wife came with the kids they aye dinner and Martin told his wife beth about the family across the street then the mom dies so the dad leaves the boys name is shawn by the way. So shawn was alone. Shawn sneaked around the house and then the mom left then martin killed his kids shawn suddenly saw it so then he crawled into the house and went upstairs but there was a shark upstairs. Shawn screamed. Martin heard it but he thought it was in the kitchen.  Then the shark throws up boxes with his finn shawn jumps on them then he sees a door he opens it and to be continued 


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