19. Is SATANOPEDIAOLOGY A Liar? Read Count : 4

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A question which is really worth to be asked. Especially after reading my stories each one of the new readers will definitely have this question making rounds in their minds. No one will believe what I have written or would say it is either revolutionary or purely fantasy and some may call it has a trick of luring people towards the beginning of a new religion. I understand people don't have time to waste here but after my desire gets fulfilled everyone will have immense time left but not the life which they lead now. Some might get benefitted by my dreams whereas majority of them might lose their world. Let me make it simple with this 2 stories hand picked by my hero SATAN to see whether people can make out what I really intend to do or what is hidden in my soul.

Story 1

            Once there lived a noble man with a good heart ready to serve people. Looking at his service mind GOD came to him and said WHY YOU ALONE BEAR ALL THE BURDEN OF THE PEOPLE, HELP EACH ONE AND ASK THEM TO HELP OTHERS IN NEED. LIKE THIS YOUR BURDEN WOULD LESSEN IN FUTURE. The man felt happy and as suggested by GOD started helping people and asked them to help other needy peoples. Like this 1 yr passed by and GOD appeared in front of the man and asked him HAS IT LESSENED YOUR BURDEN? The man says "GOD, EARLIER THE PEOPLE WHO CAME FOR HELP WERE LESS BUT NOW IT IS INCREASING DAY BY DAY, I DON'T KNOW WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?" GOD smiles and disappears.

Story 2

             Once there lived a shepherd boy who was always interested in playing pranks. He use to play pranks on the farmers who were busy doing their work. He shouted "Lion, Lion." Farmers left their work and rushed to the spot and found NO LION. The boy laughed at them. On 2nd day the boy shouted "TIGER, TIGER." This time also the farmers rushed to the spot and found NO TIGER. The boy once again made fun of them. On 3rd day the boy was once again ready to play his pranks but before he could shout, his voice trembled because this time the black panther really attacked his cattle. The boy managed to shout but the farmers fed up with the boys pranks thought it to be another prank and didn't pay attention to the boy's cry and when they after finishing the work when they headed towards their way they found all blood sheds and the body of the boy was missing.

Both the story has one thing in common, I know that but as reader of my story if you are sharp enough to understand you will get the answer for this question 


          is SATANOPEDIAOLOGY a liar?

Take your time, it is not that much tricky and if you reader have sharp mind, you will even find out my character in the story.

                         All the Best. 


  • Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Ghost Jack The Ferryman

    Yes, yes he is. As well as a bad martyr

    Apr 19, 2019

  • Good

    Apr 21, 2019

  • Very interesting. I think both stories have the theme of "Lies". Also, I might be wrong but are you the "panther"? Furthermore, to answer your question, I think your neither a liar or a person of truth but simply a story teller that writes according to your imagination.

    Apr 23, 2019

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