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At my arrival to the facility, I was greeted with smiles, high fives, and hugs.

The others had finally recognized me.

I walked to my morning lectures, greeting many people along the way.

The others all wished to get my attention, all wished to have a conversation with me. 

I felt a wonderful feeling in my heart. 

Each lecture I went to, I sat at a different section than I usually would.

We all talked, we all laughed, we all smiled.

I was with them as we all did so.

Walking through the halls, in our lectures, at meal time, we all talked together.

Something I had longed for had finally come true. 

Abruptly, I awoke in my bed. 

4 A.M as my eyes seemed heavier than usual. 

I angrily layed back down on my bed, jets of water streamed down my face.

Something I had longed for had been nothing but a dream.


  • Apr 19, 2019

  • Apr 19, 2019

  • Apr 19, 2019

  • Apr 19, 2019

  • Apr 19, 2019

  • Sakshi Yadav

    Sakshi Yadav

    this once happened with me that i shouted while dreaming

    Apr 21, 2019

  • Jun 07, 2019

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