Tier High School: Suicide Ep. 7 Read Count : 32

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Mr. Stailman: Autumn... Can I come in?

Stalio: Sir..?

Mr. Stailman: Autumn!

Stalio: Sir, move out the way!

Mr. Stailman, Autumn's dad, stepped out the way. Stalio kicked the door in, making the door hinges rip out of it's socket.

Stalio: Sorry sir, that'll come out of my pocket.

Mr. Stailman: Don't worry about it. Find Autumn and contact her friends! Now!

Stalio: Yes sir! Right a way sir!

Stalio called Autumn's friends and invited them over to the house.

They arrived to Autumn's house: Elon, Aydin, and Addilyn. They sat on the couch and waited for Mr. Stailman to come downstairs.

Aydin: What do you think he called us for?

Addilyn: I'm not sure...

Aydin: Babe, do you know why?

Elon: No, honestly.

Stalio: It's about Autumn.

Elon: Is she okay?

Aydin: Yeah, is she!?

Stalio: We don't know, she's not in her room.

Addilyn: Well why are we here? We should be out there looking for her!

Elon: Well, I'm out.

Aydin: Babe, you can't just leave!

Elon: Bye.

Aydin: Elon!

Addilyn: Elon!

Elon left the house. He looked up at the night sky and walked.

Aydin: Wow, what a boyfriend.

Addilyn: Really, what kind of boyfriend leaves in a time like this?

Stalio: Elon, my ladies.

Addilyn: You weren't supposed to agree.

Stalio: My bad.

Mr. Stailman: Hello ladies, where's Elon?

Addilyn: He left, Autumn's dad.

Mr. Stailman: Oh.. Well, we need to find my daughter now. I ask you two, and Stalio, to go to all of Autumns favorite places and look there then spread out. I already informed the police so they're looking at the mall and the water park.

Aydin: Alright, I'll at the library.

Addilyn: I'll search the school.

Stalio: I'll help the police, Sir.

Mr. Stailman: Alright. Now go you three.

Everyone left the house. They started the search. While everyone did that, Elon found Autumn at the top of an unfinished building.

Elon: Hey.

Autumn: Hey... Elon.

Elon: What are you doing here?

Autumn: I don't know...thinking..

Elon: About?

Autumn: Jumping off... Dying...

Elon: How come?

Autumn: Because I can.. I want too. I'm sad...

Elon: How come your sad? You have all the money you need, the love from your friends and family, why are you sad?

Autumn: I don't have love... Yes, I have the money I need and want and the love of my friends and family, but I want love. To love someone.

Elon: Then go and get the person you love.

Autumn: I can't! She is already taken!

Elon: She?

Autumn: My dad knows who it is. And Stalio. They're the only ones.

Elon: Who is she?

Autumn: No, leave me alone Elon. You took her!

Autumn pushed Elon away and jumped. He followed off after her. He saw her free falling towards the ground.

Elon: Tier 5! Tier 5 Air Wings!

He dove like a falcon towards her. He saw tears in her eyes.

Aydin: Autumn! Where are you?

Addilyn: Autumn!

Stalio: Miss Stailman, come out!

Mr. Stailman: Sweety! Where have you gone?

Elon grabbed ahold of her and brought her closer to his chest. She continued crying, soaking his shirt.

Autumn: Elon... It was Aydin. I love Aydin.. You took her from me, but I'm fine now. As long as she is happy. I'm happy. Thank you.

Elon: Oh..

Autumn kissed him on the cheek. He turned to his back and they crashed to the ground. Elon took all the force; a huge explosion erupted. Everyone came to the site.

Addilyn: Are you guys alright!

Elon: Yeah.

Autumn: I'm fine.

Aydin: Autumn you scared us to death, don't do that!

Elon: Hey, babe. She's been through a lot. In fact all of you gals should go on a girls night out.

Aydin: Really?

Elon: Yeah.

Aydin: Who will pay for that?

Mr. Stailman: I-

Elon: I will.

Addilyn: Elon and Autumn's dad, will figure that part out. But we're going on girls night out!

Everyone cheered. Elon and Mr. Stailman argued. Everyone laughed.


  • Apr 18, 2019

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