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I'm invisible to the people around me. No body knows me, not like they would ever want to. I dont flaunt because some body will hate me for it and make me not want to. I see my dreams going down the pipe of my sink going to the sewer. The only thing clogging the drain is my hope and determination but before long the plumer will arrive driving my dreams back down to sewers. I am invisible.... people walk into me then dont say a thing, they keep going almost feels like they walked through me. Not really knowing am I, if I am still alive I try to strive and barely I survive. In darkness my demons reside but the darkness rises leaving me with no hope the only thought I'm going to die. Pool of blood and tar. Dirty is my blood? Uncleansed is my soul? I'm invisible... unseen in the seeing eye. I walk alone. The only thing that walks with me is demons with are always behind me hiding in my shadow tearing me apart mentally limb from limb adding blood to that pool, with other people's blood... I may not have given up yet but I'm close, close to the edge of the cliff and all I ever do is trip. I know I shouldn't metaphorically be walking here but I do it any way and my dreams are higher up the mountain and I dont think I can climb any more but i have to try. I need self discipline, I need more strength, I need hope, what more can I say I need help. It feels like I'm alone however I know I'm not going at it alone. I need to stop hiding in my dome waiting for someone to finish my tomb killing myself before it's time, I need to stop this. I need to be seen and to be seen I must make myself known so I get up saddle up and head up the rocky mountains full of dangerous, irrational routes but to a crazy person such as my self irrational is the new ratinal.


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    Apr 18, 2019

  • Apr 18, 2019

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