Not Just An App But A Haven 5/18/19 Read Count : 9

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Of all my experiences dealing with
writing apps I’ve never encountered 
the wonderful uniqueness of Writers 
This wasn’t apparent to me at the 
beginning but as I’ve continued to exchange -write and read-I’ve become 
familiar with the names-descriptions-photos -art work and symbols of many

This for me has transitioned into a remarkable unexpected amazing haven 
Where where we all can come to share 
our triumphs and tragedy’s-elations and depression and connecting with a level of friendship -support and empathy that I never witnessed elsewhere 

May I be so bold as  to say -
“I think I know you 
even if I don’t know you”

We’ve exposed to each other in our writings all aspects of feelings-beliefs -
experiences and talents 
This is truly a community as well as  a 
I thank you all for what I personally have recived from this journey and look forward to getting to know you even better 


  • Thank you Maurice. This is an awesome insight into the app and the community.

    Apr 18, 2019

  • Apr 18, 2019

  • very true

    Apr 18, 2019

  • Andy Fernandy

    Andy Fernandy

    Wonderfully said

    Apr 18, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Thank you Jared without your foresight and energy this of never happened

    Apr 18, 2019

  • great description of what Writer's Outlet has become to many

    Apr 18, 2019

  • You call it a haven, i call it a writers paradise. Either way, it goes to show that Writer's Outlet is much, much more than just another writing app.

    Apr 19, 2019

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