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I've heard a lot of people say "I feel like crying right now", or "I want to cry but I can't because if I do then that's giving in".

My question is, why? Why are some people so afraid to cry? Or be seen crying? 

There is nothing wrong or has there ever been anything wrong with crying. You feel the need to cry for a reason, and the body knows what it's doing and what it needs. It's that simple. To not cry when you feel like crying is suppressing the tears from flowing, which is like trying to hold a yawn in. It feels much better to just let it happen, don't you think? Let your body do what it needs to do. Stop trying to control it. 

I've come to embrace crying as something therapeutic, healing for sure. It is the kind of healing and comfort that I can do by myself for myself. to release the tension or stress or whatever emotional conflict that's going on inside my body. It's a way of letting the uncomfortable energy go. 

Why would anyone deny themselves this source of natural healing that only they can give to themselves? Societal norm perhaps? Associating crying with weakness, as not having it all together? Then again, in reality who really does have it all together? 

So if you happen to find yourself in the position where you want to cry but you refuse to give yourself permission to do so for whatever reason, think about this.... a person can actually see more through a teardrop, then they ever could through a telescope. 

What do I mean by that? That's for you to think and figure out. 

There are places within you, places that only you can water. Water these sacred spaces so that you might show up in the world not as an avid body void of all its lushness, but to show up in full bloom where your fragrance lingers long after you've left the room. 

As for me, these eyes of mine, they're like marbles. I've come to realize that only after I have cried do they begin to find their sparkle. 


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    Apr 17, 2019

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