The God Of War The Real One Read Count : 1

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Adventure

One day in heaven there was a new God name kamoo he fought in the war vs hell he won but..... So many have died he dissieded to be a human like the others but one day in Nevada there was a war in 1901 he was worrying what will happen so he joined the war. He made friends with a man name max he was a medic when it was time to go and leave his wife and his son there was a bom it blow up and it destroyed his home he was mad with anger than they went to war. In the battlefield max got shot he was bleeding so badly he helped his friend to a medic he left him there the camander siad retreat!!! But kamoo siad no I will not stop until everyone of them are Dead or me !!! He took one by one he got shot he was thinking he was going to die but at that moment he turned into a god he killed each one of them he did it for his friend he did it but now he leaves to heaven.THE END if you liked this story please give it four or five stars please 🙏😁😊


  • Apr 17, 2019

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