The Wrong Turn Read Count : 19

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Horror

Jo looked at the map and decided to go left, but he didn't see that the map was upsite down. He wanted to go to the supermarket, which is at the end of street "Jo Lucas ll". But he was walking through the street "Jon Atanasov l". The houses on this street were old. There were no people and no animals around, only the wind... It was cold but Jo really wanted to buy some oranges. As he walked, three men with pistols jumped out of three houses and asked him:

-Where are you going?

-Leave me alone! I just want to buy some oranges! - Jo

-But there are no shops here?...And the oranges here are not allowed!

-What th...

And then they shot him.

We can say that he took the wrong turn...


  • Apr 17, 2019

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