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      I spent four out of five of my long-term stays in inpatient rehabilitation facilities under Texas’ grueling summer sun. Besides eating, sleeping, and sitting in meetings, I spent most of my time outside, smoking, living a sobering life—or what I believe must be a similar life—of an ant. An ant who found his way into a catastrophe. Lost in utter distress, being chased and burned by an unseen fire spewing from what could only be a massive dragon towering over me. Although, wise recollection shows the true identity of the dragon merely being a curious version of myself in childhood unwittingly playing with a magnifying glass. I was in rehab because of many poor choices I’d made, but I was only a curious child back then. 


  • I, too, was astonished (extonare = thunderstruck) by vivid imagery & metaphorical significance when I quit addictive substances (4 years ago) & you've done a fine job of encapsulating a familiar experience.

    Apr 16, 2019

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