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              The Very Lonely Shy

- There was a lonely shy woman, but no-one could see that the woman was lonely or shy, this woman had all sorts of friends as well as her husband surrounding her most of the time, this woman didn't even show that she was shy she acted as if she possibly has if she had no worries in life let alone seemed the slightest bit shy she would trash talk back to her husband as well as any of her friends that were trash talking with her or to anyone who were surrounding, this very lonely and shy woman makes everyone laugh but outside of their laughter they all knew not to make her mad at them because they knew that if they did that this very lonely and shy woman is one who Will stand up to anyone of them till the very end without backing down from any of them and they know this because of accident that happened between the very lonely and shy woman and her husband got into it with one another and they both have said that she didn't ever back down nor did she cry or collapse during the altercation most people say that this very lonely and shy woman has a set of ball's on her bigger than most men that they know which is in a way can be a little scary since the very lonely and shy woman is very short and petite woman but she acts as if she is invincible to anyone who should mess with her in anyway even the very lonely and shy woman's husband just sits back by her side and let's her defend herself unless however it should get out of control especially if a man should disrespects or try to put a hand on her then they are no longer dealing with the very lonely and  shy woman they are now dealing with the devil himself her husband. Why you are probably wondering why it is that this woman is lonely and shy well it's because she feels as though no one even cares that she's alive that they are surrounding her because of her kind hearted husband even though the very lonely and shy woman is also kind hearted she feels as though her husband is trying to push her a way because she is too skinny which makes her ugly as well as unattractive so why would anyone want to be with someone that looks like her and don't forget to mention that she's also nags and bitches all of the time according to the very lonely and shy woman's husband but if you ask me I think that she is beautiful inside and out so what she has a lot of problems but who doesn't and so what she can't stand looking at herself in a mirror because she feels as if she looks anorexic that doesn't make her less of a good hearted woman or person than the next in this fucked world nor does it make them an augly *woman*

          Written by Donna Wright 


  • Donna Wright

    Donna Wright

    This is probably one of my favorite ones that I have written it was written when I was living in the streets of Salt Lake City Utah inside of a tent

    Apr 16, 2019

  • Apr 16, 2019

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