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The next day I start going to the gym at gatesway foundation the gym is very very boring there and I start saying thinking to myself what am I thinking about going to the gym about I thought maybe it's s going out to eat maybe I should go so I texted him and asked if I'd like to go out to eat he said yes as long as you have permission from your staff so I had to mission for my staff we went out for a burger joint and we left at 12: 30 then all of a sudden we go to the event center it takes a couple hours and I didn't get my message I was like what time is it is it supposed to be time for me to take my meds I realized I look at my phone it's cracked and I said I forgot I'm supposed to go get a new phone tomorrow and I'm supposed to go get my birthday present from Steve and I'm still waiting on my present from Billy so hours from den when I said that I got a package from Billy it was a video game a few video games are like one I did not like so I gave it to Ed it was a lollipop I said I do not have this game for Xbox but okay whatever so that's when we p


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    Apr 16, 2019

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