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 PROLOGUE maybe i 'm not a love struck teenager or a college student or some protagonist whose gonna meet a charming prince that would sweep her away to lala land*eye roll*
If thats why you are still reading this, i advice sweet pumpkin, run away cause this is no cliché. where did my manners go
I'm kendra Anikwe, 22 and a fresh university graduate. African and chummy-pretty normal huh...well you wanna know how i survive in a house with 5 brothers. Well tune in and be my guest as we take a jolly ride into the lives of my family whom by all standards put weird to shame. 

P.s..,hi ya, well this is kinda my first story, dunno, lol i was so nervous to click publish, pls do comment on it. Pretty pls with cherry sailing on whipped cream :-)  :-)


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    Apr 15, 2019

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