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I have been unemployed since last November. My job since was finding a new job to support myself. Thank goodness i had enough in savings to cover my expenses!! Then just a few weeks ago i got hired again. All of those what ifs started to fill my head. I was questioning myself if i was even able to work, after being out of work for about four months. I wasn't lazy during those months. I would put in at least 20 applications in to hiring companies per week. My goal was to get a job, and i was going to get one no matter what. Discouragement filled my mind during the time i was applying for jobs, but i just trudged on.

Relief hit when i got a job offer. A weight was lifted off my shoulders. But will i succeed? The job entails things i dont have much experience with. Like being a self starter. But most of the job description i have experience with. I guess thats why i was hired in the first place. My background check cleared. I didnt have any concern about that. Now i just have to wait for a phone call from my supervisor to see when i can get orientation. I am climbng the walls with both anxiety and anticipation.


  • Apr 15, 2019

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