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There are basic two ways of defining 
Beautiful People 
The first is what we see- looks- body-
Facial features -clothes etc. This is a initial contact- superficial  view of that person 
It  really doesn’t tell us much but a first
impression yet judgements are made
without any other information 
Speaking with some in this first contact 
Can give us a little more to go by and
is a valuable way to justify an opinion

Inner beauty is quite a different issue 
It take  more than contact to discover 
The character-traits-view points etc,
which are legitimate values for judging 
We have every right to end a relationship
at any time
The problem occurs when we label
that person  prematurely and pass that on to others
It is unfair to that person and would be unfair to you if this was reversed 

Aside from the superficial there are many beautiful people who do not fit the
“Model/Movie Star” image
They come in all sizes-shapes- color language and clothes 
And the only to know them is to get
to know them if we choose to do so
The unfairness is labeling a person is a
convenient but at times harmful method
Of describing someone
This is magnified by the prejudice that exists throughout the world
Most people have something good to offer if we give them the opportunity 
It is our decision to share this with whom we choose without defaming


  • Apr 15, 2019

  • True words spoken!

    Apr 15, 2019

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