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Sought by Fraught
That damnable feeling; you know the one, right? Ah, silly me, likely not; we've only begun, see.. & justly so, as you will too if by see I portray understanding.
I love being alive, Vita & I've long been fellows, she's the ride that has bore me unto the here & now, and as such, she is the ride I most revere. However that doesn't say much; the minutiae is where it's at. That's how life accrues meaning, y'know?. and they're worth going on & on about, for days untold, mind you. Ah, silly me, "mind you" I declare.. pfffft, perhaps I ought mind my own manner... and I shall, propriordinately, of course. I merely mean to convey that feeling, the one of damnation that must be, seeing it's very nature, unbeknownst to all... excepting me. So two if by seeing I mean perusally, in respect of the ordinary proclusivity.. therefore, there could be more, maybe a few more, perchance a more made of many. Ah, silly me, multitudes would be highly unlikely; considering the colloquial commotion involved, why the goings on would never cease. Oh woesome me, I further digress & shall be remiss, lest I profess that feeling, the one I've known as only my damned own.
You see, it's a feeling that although indigenously allocated within me, looms over my life, an increscent insinuation indignant to my identity, that may ultimately apprehend the entirety of my being. It's resolve would entail desecrated dissolution to all that details me, ubiquitously annihilating my composure altogether. This is known to be true, for purpose is my solitary forbearance, the lone stavior with which, vehementIy apposed again against an atrociously igregious Fraught, I stand.
I come by land & with land I share my inquiry, for no other has abidden my cause. I implore unto the Earth, asseverating my love, my passion upon her stones, "Why have I been abandoned? Why do they speak of love, yet evince it not indeed? Why? Why must I persist whilst acknowledging they do not perceive, incarnated amongst self-absorbed fiends, compelled by barren, contrived perversions, their utmost desires cavorting about perpetrating as aspirations? Did they ever understand? Have they ever actually cared? What am I to do? Is there no end in sight to this heinous, inequitous aberration?
I've been forsaken.. & ravaged.
I am but a cleft, left bereft...
I'm utterly alone.. & frightened, 
I feel so damn, sooo damned...
Arrggghhh!! So damn devastsolated!"
Ahhh, seen by me, abruptly, natheless henceforth, the rocks transcendinstantly neoappeared, a pneumanuance, you see?. the epitome of omniwithstanding serenity. And I must confess, I was superlatively taken, essentially embraced, protracted alongwith the juncture of moment in which they bequeathed unto me their archevenerable felicity: "Rest assured, you worry too much."


  • Interesting. But may I ask what this is about or would I be intruding in your thoughts?

    Apr 15, 2019

  • Apr 15, 2019

  • Jan 29, 2020

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