16. SATAN: Viral War & His Helpless Conditions Read Count : 18

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My hero SATAN, a workaholic is always keen on discovery things which goes beyond human imagination. 

1) So far I thought only about the alien war and nuclear war but didn't have that much of time to think about the viral war. Both alien & nuclear wars are known factors, wherein the weapon mode would either be the nuclear energy or attacks from some unknown sources in space and this 2 wars might or might not be that much dangerous as this viral war. 

2) In the viral war majority of the diseases like high fever, vomiting, blood loss and so on are caused when an external virus finds its ways into our body either through the air we breathe, the food we consume and water we drink. Viral diseases can't be considered as a light one because majority of the viral diseases are spread through those viruses which keeps on multiplying and spreads fast sometimes really fast. 

3) My hero SATAN has investigated a case wherein he has discovered that the future war trend has lots of scope for this tactics of viral war, which might play a major role in the future years. SATAN is really working hard nowadays to discover the real nations behind this operation and is also working hard to come back to action. This character of SATAN is truly amazing and differentiates him from rest of the powers of the universe. 

4) SATAN is always 1000 steps ahead of his enemies and that's why he always leaves a backup of his previous birth to help his present birth but as all of us are aware that birth after birth are totally 2 different concepts. 

5) Birth is the life you lead now and after birth indicates the life you might lead after death and when you switch from one birth to another there is a problem of time lagging. Though it is you who were a powerful and most influential person in your previous birth still in this birth even acquiring that birth's 100% memory might take yrs and in some cases it might even fail. That is the greatest drawback of human birth. This human body has a limit, let it be light, sound, heat, food or whatever our body can intake or resist only upto the maximum limit and afterwards it becomes impossible.

6) Let it be ALMIGHTY GOD, If HE himself incarnates as a human HE also would be bound by the same rules as humans. So what I really intend to say is that my hero SATAN has taken his birth but his main issue is HIS own body and its limitations. 

7) Though a mighty SATAN, still is helpless human because it really takes a lot to acquire back HIS hidden powers in him, either someone who knows about him like his fellow well wisher angel or some power can restore him or else SATAN himself should restore back which really is a impossible TASK. 

8) All the humans know that GOD has not only created SATAN alone but has also created lots of angels, demigods, and other forces with SATAN which we don't know. Those GOD created forces know about SATAN and about the miracles of HIS powers. 

9) If the SATAN acquires his powers back then stopping him is nearly impossible and those powers would also get destroyed if SATAN knows that it was they who were responsible for delaying him in his proliferation work on earth. So those forces don't want SATAN to regain back his memory and powers and they will try their level best to stop SATAN from acquiring those powers which could change the fate of the earth. This is the main reason behind his delay. I hope he will succeed in regaining his lost memory and powers. It is really impossible to recover from a disease if the doctor himself wants to see his patient to be dead and keeps on eye on him 24 hrs round the clock for killing him.

10)  Since SATAN doesn't like anyone's sympathy nor prayers, it is yet another problem and also shows his arrogant nature but it's OK because he is my hero and arrogance is one of the jewellery he WEARS. 

Though arrogant but still he has a heart of diamond (which is too hyper sensitive) and can understand the difficulties of anything and anyone very fast when compared to us and other forces and that's why it's no wonder HE IS STILL THE FAVOURITE CHOICE OF ALMIGHTY GOD AND MAJORITY OF HIS GODDESS AND IT IS FOR THIS CHARACTER OF SATAN THAT HAS ACQUIRED HIM A GREAT NAME IN THE HEART OF GOD AND HIS KINGDOM. HE IS STILL THE MOST POPULAR SOUL IN THE GOD'S KINGDOM ON WHOM ALMIGHTY GOD VESTS HIS COMPLETE FAITH.

A extract from the Epic of THE GOD'S  GREATEST SLAVE SATAN


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