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Females, women, ladies, various names we get called now but we were all once just a girl; child or adult, growing up with hopes, dreams and goals. We made wishes upon stars, candles, we listened to fairy tales with a view of reality being exactly what those stories played out to be. We played with dolls, dressed up, dazed out in our imaginary worlds- conquering, striving. Nothing and no one could stand in the way of our rise.

We were Royalties and had an aura that roared supremacy. We were powerful, fearless, bold, intuitive, unstoppable, happy. We stood tall, proud, and there was beauty in everything we did. With every step we took and every word we spoke, we lit up the world in ways fireflies could not. We defined our paths and our journeys. We did not resemble our worlds, our worlds resembled us. We were……what happened to us?

I said us, cause I had to include myself. They say confession is good for the soul, and it is time we confess our transgressions we made to the girls we once were. Funny thing, it all changed so quickly, the first time a woman settled for less than what was for her. The truth is the greatest thing to a woman, and yet the very first time we settled for something other than the truth was the start of the war we waged against ourselves. To think that all women blame Eve for our today tribulations and our today lives- how we ended up, the roads our lives took. None of us have realized that though Eve settled, we all had choices to accept the truth or to accept the lie. 

Do something for us, if after you read this blog post you realize you settled for a lie, comment “Forgive me Girls, I confess”. 

Let’s get back on track, the truth they say sets us free, so the lie must then be the opposite, in that action, what is not set free, is in bondage. What are you in bondage to?

Collins Dictionary: Bondage is the condition of not being free because you are strongly influenced by something or someone.

Did you answer that question? Well you are in bondage to lies. As everything comes down to the lies we have settled for. Simple don’t it, so maybe I can finish the post here since you now know that 


But what are these lies, one might say the lies are the opposite of the things I said we were, but it goes deeper than that, it must go deeper than that, because these lies go deeper than the surface, these lies have reconstructed who we are and how our lives are. We now resemble our worlds.

What causes us to resemble the world? Vulnerability. So, then it is our vulnerability that causes us to be in bondage to lies. I guess in order to identify what we are in bondage to we have to find out when we became vulnerable to the world around us and what caused this vulnerability. 

So again,

What are you in bondage to?


  • Apr 15, 2019

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