An Off Switch. Read Count : 9

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     Haven't got a clue. What's around me, what'll hurt me, or how I feel.

     Just a few vague emotions, feelings of you will. Some people can say what those are, but I find it hard to describe.

      If I'm feeling anxiety and anger at others and my self why am I still smiling?

      If I'm pissed off and slamming my fist into the wall until it bleeds, then why are people ordering me to stop.

      Is that how emotions are supposed to work. If so I'm the stupid one.

      In which case I need some new emotions. Because mine seem to not have an off switch.

      I think my emotions are broken. So I can turn them off when you need to.


  • Apr 14, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    I’m not sure we can turn off emotions We can suppress them and they can reappear in our actions- behavior and our dreams

    Apr 16, 2019

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