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Amongst my person, I walk through the hallways. Very narrow, easy to cause an echo of noise, and mysteriously dark. 

At times, I find myself slipping in and out of reality.

The walls were lined with bricks and covered in scribbles and water.

A strange place it is, yet I wonder how I came to be here.

Abruptly, a chilling wind blew and I shivered lightly. My only source of light was a candle, the one that kept me from sucumbing to insanity.

I turned my back, hiding the candle with my body and the malicious air soon ceased and I could continue my journey. 

The hallway seemed endless, many turns, many stairs to ascend and descend, as well as more strange writings and water. 

Eventually, a left turn had led me to a bright doorway. My candle was, mysteriously, blown out when no wind was present. 

I walked through, shielding my eyes from the blinding light. 

I was met with a grassy field with a lone pink tree, the leaves were slowly descending to the ground.

There was a individual who stood at the foot of the tree, she donned a familiar attire that I have seen before. 

She had long curly hair, she turned around and smiled, her gorgeous smile that I have not seen in a year or so. 

I could hear my own heartbeat, as she said "Bye" with the same smile she had on before. 

My feet had suddenly been stopped in their movement by roots from the ground that restricted me. 

She backed away and, in an instant, she disappeared. 

I could only watch, I could only listen to my racing heart, I could only stand there. 

I abruptly awoke from my slumber, labored breathing and all. 

I laid back down onto my bed, realizing that she has plagued my mind. 

In those moments, she held a candle and set it down at my feet and went on her way. 

I was left with my own heartbeat, for my candle had been lost. 


  • Apr 14, 2019

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