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Chapter 1. I AM IN LOVE

Hello I'm Lilith !. I'm just a normal girl living a normal life. Untill i met him...

(At school 7AM)

I casually walk to my first classes door and sit under it on the floor :

- UGH WHERE IS HAILEY.- i say to myself and send her another message.

Hailey walks up to me while I'm still on the phone:

- BOO !!- Hailey scares me and i drop my phone. 

- WELL THANKS HAILEY! .- i pick up my phone.- I BROKE MY PHONE CAUSE OF YOU !.- i say and get mad at Hailey. 

- Come on... your no fun.- says Hailey.

- Why didn't you text me back ?.- i madly ask her.

- I didn't have internet you dumbass.- says Hailey and giggled.

- Not funny.- I said and started playing "Episode" on my broken phone. Hailey sat next to me and watched me play:

- You know .. by playing this game you ain't gonna  find a boyfriend any time soon.- Hailey makes fun of me.

- Well you . Yourself don't have one.- i said and Hailey giggled again.- What?- i looked at her.

- Well ...i found a boyfriend .- Said Hailey.

- What ... r-really?- i mumbled this out and i thought to myself ..maybe she's right.. maybe im actually weird and that's why I'm still alone :

- Yea- Hailey didn't finish the sentence and the teacher interrupted her :

- Hailey, Lilith, can you two please move i need to unlock the classroom.- said the teacher and we both got up . 

The teacher unlocked the door and we went inside of the classroom. As always i sat in the corner of the class while Hailey sat at the front with Lucas our classmate.

(After everybody got into the class)

The bell didn't ring yet so i was playing on my phone like always and somebody opened the classrooms door ...

- Am i in Mrs. Wilson's math class?- he asked...

I think I'm in love.....

Hes so handsome... his hair is blonde ... and his eyes...i can't even-

- Yes Mr. Smith- Ellis Smith..-she stopped for a second .- Sit down next to........ Lilith Anderson!- said the teacher and i almost fainted.

- Okay miss. -said Ellis and sat next to me.

Chapter 2. The bad news...

-Hey I'm Ellis, nice to meet- i interrupted him.

- Heyyyyyy I'm Lilith..- as i said these words i understood i was being a bit too awkwardly open and he just looked at me like I'm weird.

- U-uh... nice to meet you Lilith.- he said awkwardly and looked away.


Anyways... while i was writing what teacher said i noticed that Ellis didn't get the counting technique that the teacher told us yesterday. Soooo.... :

- Do you need help?- i asked nicely. 

- Oh..um..-yeah. -He said and i couldn't believe myself . I WAS HELPING A HOTTIE DO MATH!.

- So look.. if you multiple those two numbers and divide that one with what you got you will get the awnser.-i explained the math and he looked intrested but....

-LILITH ANDERSON AND ELLIS SMITH NO MORE TALKING!- screamed the teacher and we looked at her. I tryed explaining that i was helping Ellis but she just got even more mad. 


I saw Ellis getting mad at me so i just stayed quiet trough the whole class. I messed up again...

(After the lesson)

I walked out of the classroom and Hailey catched up to me.

- hey girliee.. what happend in the class was mad crazy.- said Hailey .

- i was just trying to help..-i said and i got sad.

- It's alright.- said Hailey and Lucas walked up to me.

- Hey Lilith did you know that Ellis was gay? well if you didn't good luck with him. Anyways goodbye Lilly.- said Lucas and walked away.

Kill me.... please....why am i so unlucky....

- Look Lilith he probably just trying to spread a rumour about Ellis .- Calmly says Hailey .

- Yeah... i hope it's just a rumour... - i say and Hailey looks at me for a second .

- Lilith do you like Ellis?!- asks Hailey. 

I have no idea how to respond to a question like this. Even tho i only once talked to him, i feel like we are connected somehow.

I didn't think any longer and i just ignored the question and went to my other class.


  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    i love it you NEED to finish it

    Apr 14, 2019

  • Amazingly and mildly humarous

    Apr 14, 2019

  • simmy  .

    Simmy .

    i loveeee it , i think you are a bit clumsy just like me 😜 attach his picture too 😅😅

    Apr 15, 2019

  • it was amazing loved it

    Apr 16, 2019

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