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We have all read, seen and heard of supernatural creatures, but still give them all the title of ‘fiction’. Basically, anything that science cannot prove totally, becomes fiction (That is why I choose to be a commerce student). There is no proof of their existence but there is no proof of their non existence either. I feel the universe is a big enough place for aliens to exist. It could be possible that they are thousands of light years away from us and haven’t been able to reach us.

Leave the universe, the world itself is a big enough place for creatures we cannot imagine about to exist. We don’t know where Atlantis is. We don’t know how the Bermuda Triangle magically makes anything around it disappear. Who knows? The vampires, witches, werewolves and ghosts that we all heard about could truly exist. Who knows? They must all be living in secrecy or they could be just next to you. You have just not been observant. That is the thing about humans. We all choose to be on the comfort zone. We do not want to believe in anything that would make us feel not safe unless there is proof.

I personally do not think a writer or a thinker can come up with the concept of completely different creatures. That is just too much for a human brain. We all know that everything is based on some kind of reality or experience. Yes, they could be somewhat different than what we think them to be as they would have undergone some changes in the works of creative people but there is no way they can’t exist.

The world you’ve been reading about in books could be the world you live in. The ‘fiction’ you hear of could be next to you…


  • B.R. Iverson

    B.R. Iverson

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    Apr 18, 2019

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