15. Is SATAN A Hero? Read Count : 23

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What would you do if someone slaps on your cheek?

Would you show him another cheek or else would punch his entire face.

What would you do if someone tries to steal your precious thing?

Would you personally handover it to that person or else would protect it from him. 

Which one would you select? A wine with a vodka or a milk with butter.

Would you drink vodka with wine even after knowing it is injurious to health or else would save your health by drinking bitter milk with butter. 

What would you do if your friend tries to bring your dignity down?

Either accept all his insult and embrace him or else insult your friend by pulling his dignity down. 

Whom would you support? A man who is more than a dead one and who lives on your sympathy showing his helpless condition and expects you to pray for his arrival or else a force who even after getting cursed still doesn't expect any sympathy nor prayers for his survival.

Whom would my lord's master ALMIGHTY GOD Love? 

A person who using the group of his followers calls himself as GOD'S son but does nothing to bring down the sin but instead adjust himself and also make us adjustable in front of sin and doesn't dare to see in the eyes of sin and has also made us all its slave and accept the sins supremacy leading a disastrous never ending life by surrendering himself to sin


The one who rebelled ALMIGHTY GOD in GOD'S own kingdom and who never agreed to the proposal of EARTH'S destruction and said bravely "A SIN IS INDEED A SIN" and who quit GOD'S Kingdom only to break the supremacy of the sin and who never wanted nor desired to be a GOD'S son but rather accepted to be HIS Slave. 

Who is a hero? 

The one who relies on the prayers of his followers and seeks his freedom through their prayers and who can't decide anything on his own and still now shows the world that the one who fights sin has no option but to die the same or much more worster death what he had suffered in the past and who has proved himself as a guardian of this sin world by showing us no signs of any improvement from the past many years and who still continues to show us false hopes of his arrival which is never to happen


The one who doesn't want any followers nor group nor their prayers. Who has the ability to fall down and stand on his own. Who even after staying helpless still finds the ways out and reaches in time and silently finishes his tasks. Who shows the world that RESISTANCE OF THE SIN IS THE GREATEST CRIME OF MANKIND. Who instead of accepting the sin rebels it and vows to SEE ITS END without giving us any false hopes. 

Finally can I conclude SATAN A HERO? 

NO But why? 

Just because HE doesn't believe in prayers nor any one's sympathy and achieves everything on his own


Because he ruthlessly punishes the sinners without giving any pardon and thereby brings down the shooting indicators of sin




Because he never preaches us to adjust and surrender in front of sin. 


Because even after knowing that we people have completely spoiled the world, he still believes he can restore back the spoilt world and at least bring back the smile on his master's face. 


Because he believes that destroying sin is the only way instead of pardoning it to leave and kill all of us and our happiness. 


Just because he never showed his reality to the world about his existence. 







So what? Though he is not present amongst us and though none is aware about his existence still SATAN is a hero because he is trying to put an end to the tyranny ruling of the merciless sin which many lakhs of accumulated man made gods, saints, symbols from many 1000's of years failed to do so and who are still shamelessly making us adjust to the sin and dance according to its tune which SATAN won't allow to happen. 

Even after all the dead idols with useless immense powers dead like themselves and which has dropped its weapons against sin long time before that weapon is now searching for the right person to hold it harder and restore back its lost glory and if SATAN holds that weapon to finish off sin, 

                        WHAT'S WRONG IN CALLING HIM AS A HERO. 



  • Great masterpiece

    Apr 15, 2019

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