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     Mother Nature trusted us with her birth

     She gave us her love which she named Earth

     Looking down tears filled her eyes

As fires burned apocalyptic size

     Her heart was full of gloom

As her child the fires did consume

      These humans have caused my child much pain

      As she screamed out of her mouth came thundering, lightening, and rain. 


      She watched the humans cower in fear

      They have yet to know what is near 

       They are destroying my child which I hold so dear

       The humans didn't know the devastation that was near. 

      Mother Nature taking her child in her arms. 

      Vowed to protect her from anymore harm.

       The humans began to feel earthquakes all around

      As mother mother nature rocked her baby to keep her safe and sound

      One wave of mother nature's hand

      There was a famine all through the land.


      The humans will pay for the destruction they caused 

       A mothers love can conquer all.



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