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  • Why do you always keep forgiving him over and over again, I'm telling you this because I am really and truly your friend, don't be a fool and let him lie to you and take you for granted because you are better than that, I've never seen it but somebody said to me he hits you and beats you what a rat, don't be a fool put yourself first and stop letting him do this to you, you're not his punching bag you're his wife you've heard this before this is not something new but every time I see you you're still with him as if everything is okay I know you're sick and tired at his onstant beatings day to day, stop asking yourself why you can't get it right with him this time, but ask yourself is he  really worth it and is there another man out there maybe that is gentle and kind don't be a fool girlfriend he's not the only fish in the sea , don't you want to at last find a way to break free, you're worth more than what he makes you think that you are, you have come way too far, think about your children and what you are putting them  through with his abuse and his hate,   don't be a fool get away from him before it's too late,


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