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     How do I escape this turmoil I call life? Everything going through my mind at once. Bills, ball games, dr appointments and drama, how do I escape?

     I escape with one word, "creativity". I use an outlet that combines many forms of art. I get drawn in to my own world and there's nothing or no-one else around me. I release everything in my mind through drawings, paintings, and writings.

      The most meaningful form of escape for me is my drawings and paintings. I put heart and soul into them. They each tell a story of what I am personally going through but they also can hold a different in someone else's life. They tell a story of what is bothering me at the time that can only be interpreted by me. Little secrets that I need to get out but yet I don't want anyone else knowing my secrets. 

       My writing is used for more of deeper escape where I let the reader know exactly how I'm feeling. Whether they can relate to what I'm going through or just understand the difficulty of my reality at the time. I always hope my writing will help people who are going through the same troublesand trials I am. 

     I feel like my outlet helps me deal in ways that bring joy to other people. I can also bring happiness to myself by getting everytheverything off my mind. 


  • Apr 14, 2019

  • Apr 14, 2019

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