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Finally I'm out of the darkness and  I have made it through all of my heartaches and pain, to me it's unbelievable that I have overcome all of my sufferings and all of my Shame, but finally I can smile again with I've got my confidence back and I can finally be happy once again, so as my journey continues my new life will finally begin, and although it was not easy getting here and I lost a few friends along the way, it was because God took away my doubt and my fear giving me new wings to fly each and every day, now there is nothing that I cannot do and there is nothing I cannot be, once again God thank you for finally setting me free, so many times I've often wondered about what if I could have changed my past, but I cant that part of my life is over with and done, now I'm looking forward too my future because it has  just begun, and this time I will not let anyone or anything stand in my way finally no more crying about what happened yesterday, and finally I can change tomorrow because it's not that far away,


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