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      I would like to tell you my opinion about an issue we are having in my county at the moment. I do not have the links though.

I love in a small community where there is so much goes on even the cops are afraid to come here. We have very many issues in this small town. We deal with drugs, ghost, and violence. Yes, very unusual town.

The story begins on a small back road named Tee Berry. Its ones of the many roads so excluding you get away with anything on it. We also have a single headstone that sits in the woods that supposedly belongs to a witch. That shows you how secluded it is. A few weeks ago I was watching scanner feed and on that road they had found many unusual things. There was a report of trash thrown down the mountain for many of miles. The trash included things like couches, televisions, and other house hold items. Looking further into the trash they found a dead cow. Someone had thrown into off the mountain. On this backroad there was no livestock. The cow was killed and just dumped off the side of the road. Who does this? Was it part of a satanic ritual? Luckily there was a tag on the cows ear where the cow can be traced to its owner. There is still no updates to this part of the unusual story.

Feeling thathey would could not find anything more unusual than that, they ran across a crate. I couldn’t imagine what they was thinking opening this crate. Inside was five dogs that had been killed. Who kills five dogs, takes the trouble to put them in a crate, and throws them off the mountain. It was a horrible site when I saw the pictures on the Carter County Scanner News Feed. The same questions came to mind. Who would do this? Why would they do this? An update was revealed but was only someone’s opinion. They stated in an opinion ” someone stole the dogs out of another person’s yard and shot them.” In my opinion that person may have known more than they cared to share.

In my opinion if we take care of the many problems in our community such as drugs and violence, we will see in a decrease in the unusual issues that our community has been facing.

“Carter County Scanner News Feed”


  • Apr 13, 2019

  • Apr 14, 2019

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