Snow In April Read Count : 10

Category : Poems

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How nice it is

To sit inside

Enjoying the thick warmth

Of a hot chocolate

On a cold, snowy day

The contrast in temperatures

As the door opens

And let's in a refreshing wind

The flicker of the fireplace

Fighting against the wet chill

That has invaded a safe space

The hot chocolate

Burning your throat

As you try to salvage your comfort

How out of place the snow looks

When days ago you wore shorts

And only minutes ago

The sky was blue

The last snow barely melted

But certainly forgotten

With the promise of summer

Close enough to kiss

Waiting for some company

As you watch the world

Become engulfed in a blanket

Of forgiveness


  • Very nice.

    Apr 13, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Beautiful almost melodic

    Apr 13, 2019

  • Apr 14, 2019

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