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It started as a typical Monday. I got up and out of bed, got dressed, and ate. I was walking to my room when my mom shouted, "Emilia! I need you to do me a favor!" So I rushed down the stairs and noticed mom holding the basement keys. She told me "I need to go to work right now and I dont have time to look in the basement. Can you please go down there and get me the package that your grandma left and put it right infront of the kitchen refrigerator? I need to go right now so thank you!" And before I could say anything, she was gone. She left the keys on the counter. I picked them up and walked slowly to the basement door. Why was I afraid of the basement? Because that place is where MiMi hides. The doll that grandma said was haunted. She left it here after she moved to another house and gave us this one. Now I had to go get a package that is right next to MiMi. I know that doll is haunted because everynight, I hear the basement door open. It is always at 12:00 AM. I know it is not my parents because they're door makes a large creak when it opens and the basement keys are in my room. When the door opens I can hear tiny footsteps going up the stairs, but then they dissapear. Now I was right infront of the basement. I place the key through the keyhole and turn it. I open the door. The darkness, the amount of dust everywhere.. The temperature. It was so cold in there it felt like I opened the refrigerator door and left it there all night. I start making short 1-by-1 steps down the stairs. When I get down there, I couldnt see a thing. I couldnt even find the stairs. I was trapped. Luckly, I found a flashlight while moving my hands up and down the room. I turn it on and flash it in the worst place possible. I flashed it on MiMi. There the doll stood, lifeless, on a wooden rocking chair. The doll had dusty red velvet hair and a green, beat up, shirt. I approached MiMi trying to get the package next to him. When I was close enought to take the package, I dropped the flashlight and picked the package up. I picked up my flashlight and noticed that MiMi was gone. I turn around and there it was, MiMi was standing up straight right infront of me. I screamed, but nobody heard me. The closet door closed and got locked by someone.


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