14. Should SATAN Fight? Read Count : 25

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When you are moving in the most dangerous place and if you get struck in between. 

When you are surrounded by the most dangerous and cruelest beasts. 

When you fight for something or someone who aren't worth. 

When you lose the most precious things of your life just for the sake of someone. When you get struck while trying to save someone.

When you are suffering lonely and when they are no one to understand or console you. 

When you want someone to help you out but end up with no one to reach you. 

When after thinking to do good for someone end up in distress. 

When the bad lures you and is ready to benefit you if you can leave good. 

If you are asked to Stay as a SATAN when you know you are a human. 

When you also don't want to fight but still have no other way. 

When you though have soft melting heart but have to convert it into a rock and do those which you never dream't of.

When you even after not being cruel is asked to be so. 

When you are asked to behave like beast on someone without respecting them. 

When you know that all the root cause of all the happenings and all those yet to happen. 

When you are made the chief of the army of the hell and asked to lead it. 

When you being a merciful person is asked to become merciless. 

When you are asked to torture someone whom you love. 

And when thoughts of this starts to flow infinite times in your heart then arises a thought in mind should SATAN Fight? 


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    Apr 13, 2019

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    Apr 13, 2019

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