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     Who can explain what love is? What is it? Where does it come from? It's vast. It's wide. Yet no how far apart we are, it connects us.

      Going through my life I've always relished when others appreciated me even if it wasn't much. I hold doors open, I smile too much, I say please and Thank you for literally everything. Not out of kindness or compassion but because it's appreciated. But that isn't love. Being good at everything and being perfect in every way. That isn't love. It's satisfaction in a lie. Someone can say it til they're blue in the face. That isn't love. It's not love it's meaningless words. So where does it come from. If not from outside then it's what's in. Not just a weird cheesy line used for inspiration. But until you love yourself and appreciate what's around you. It won't matter what I say or anyone else. Our love is nothing of you don't have your own.

       No matter who you are. You are messy, flawed, and what some people may call a disaster still standing. Still stand, and learn to love yourself so what I say matters. Because of this you are amazing, spectacular. A beautiful contrast to the black wall paper of space. A distant star that provides life of you will to people around you. You are beautiful, a capable human being capable of anything you put your mind to. You were put here not out of a mistake or a coincidence, but a purpose. Whatever it may be. Because a mistake can't be as wonderful and bright as you. I have only one good eye and I can see this in everyone and everything around me. You are closer to you then I am to you so see it. Open your eyes and see it. And love yourself for that is truly love.


  • Awesomely beautiful.

    Apr 13, 2019

  • Apr 13, 2019

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