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I fuck a bitch till her pussy pink like a panther stab a dude with an antler cause his ass fucking stinks I write that in ink and I knew how he thinks flow is icy like rinks ik her kinks I don't drown I sink and shrink faster than you blink. I'm calming like sage cause I never age even when you turn the page to next the chapter of my life when I got a wife and kids I'm still act like a dummy have a bunch of honeys when my kids have a mummy cause all of them love but it's not 2 sided tape I'm no hero cause I don't have a cape and not rocking bape but I got the magic like Orlando you finna catch these hands ho when hands have flame tho or catch the beat on like what the mavs did to the heat back in 2011 I got more bitches than Florida has teams like 7 so I'm raising the heat in Kelvin so it's like the sun in Phoenix so my exes can see this have they eyes be bleeding and have them never see me so my bitches know I fucked nobodies but they Fucked the economy cause they keep saying I want you inside of me so I'm going to make that happen so bust a cap in 'em and send 'em away cause that's what I say so now I can chill up on the bay being annoyed by trumps toupay


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