My 7th Grade Life Chapter 1 Read Count : 4

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Hi guys, my name is Caitlynn. I am 13 and I go to Ramsey Jr. High.

Adults say Jr. High is awesome correction I would do anything to go back to grade school.😐

People you thought were your friends,  turn out not to be.

You learn lessons.

Make friends.

And lose them......


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    Apr 13, 2019

  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    same man same

    Apr 13, 2019

  • Youve got to find the right group. I play magic the gathering and yugioh as well as Dnd. Without those niches i probably wouldnt have any friends. Join a club on something you like or start doing what you love like writing in the open. Someone will notice and be interested. I was a freshmen this year going into highschool, none of my friends had lunch with me because there were two seperate times. I see a group playing yugioh, brought cards, and became best friends the next day. I believe in you and good luck.

    Apr 13, 2019

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