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It can take you where you want to go
To the highest mountain peaked with
To a beautiful island basked in sun
Feeling great-you’re the lucky one 

You can go to the stars-visit Venus and
Or dive in the ocean and ride a Blue
Sail  the vast ocean on a four masted
All that is wonder at you minds   
              M Fingertips 

There’s nothing to stop you from dreaming your dream 
But imagination has another scheme 
The depth of depression to fill you with
To hear yourself screaming again and      
It’s a beautiful thing just like Life itself
But as in real life we often  cry out for   
It can be a message of the state that    
                   You’re in
A subtle contact from deep within
It touches us in different ways 
In one form or other it never stays
So heed what it tells you
The message’s for you If you can deal
                 With the bad ones 
            The good may come True



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