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You might have read or learnt Jewish history, you may be bumping to it in the bible or you know it but its not significant to your endeavors or  its seemingly meaningless to you. That is not a problem. I seek only to influence extent of your reaction towards the Jewish.

Now, switch on your spiritual antenna because I am now driving you against the world embedded to your reaction using the spiritual factor that cuts across world and spirit. If I take the sermons, prophetic poems of Moses, GOD is clear with the love for the Jews as HE made them HIS possession [Deut7:6] above all on earth, HE did not love them because of geographic demographic reasons [Deut 7:7] but for HIS loving kindness [Deut 7:8] as HE is a covenant keeper. 

Friends let me end here I am sleepy tired from work , and let me not exhaust but keep fire for celebration tomorrow in the nation of Israel, 71st independence 🇮🇱 🇮🇱 🇮🇱, 

I love the Christian Jewish people 🇮🇱simple because I love the LORD GOD of Israel

Get my passover scroll again tomorrow "I love the Jewish 2 🇮🇱🇮🇱" as I explore deeper into the HOLY one of Israel, as I go against world political nonsense temerity which raises doctrines to bend the gospel to go against the Christian Jewish people[Isa43:1], 

my friends, I want my wardrobe to be half Jewish , I don't know about you

I love the Jewish🇮🇱




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    May 08, 2019

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