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Can play out the same way, being streamed line cutting down on dragged out plot points all the way until tony and hulk explain time travel using pym particals.  It is clearly stated that its traveling to another demnsion at a early point in time. In which all teams can be the same with the alteration that the hulk fails to get the time stone as he was unable to convince the ancient one that dr. Strange would put the stone at risk for one man.  that she needs to protect her own dimension as well that its the sorcerer's supreme of his universe job to protect his universe. 

This causes tony to have one more trip after they go back to get more pym particles. During this it plays the same except captain america grabs all of them showing pymm in distress saying that papa starks  been after his work referencing his distrust of shield in antman. Captain america goes home with the teseract saying hell see tony soon as toni jumps back To the time were Dr strange has the time stone after defeating dormamu placing the stone back in storage. In which Dr strange gives the same speech  that the time stone comes first and after hearing from tony that he broke that rule to save him gives him the stone to help his universe after warning tony of the dangers from messing with time and space saying that he hopes whatever his doctor strange had in plan was worth it. everyone comes back to the platform and all seems to have gone well

From there they construct the infinity gauntlet 2.0 and all events play out the same except only thanos comes through the portal instructing nebula to return back to their demension, but due to a glitch in the suit she appears on the other side with her data wiped. Thanos pulls out a  device calling all wandering children of thanos from the main timeline to serve once again for the mad titaN.  Inwhich the children of thanoses closest members arrive to bomb the avengers head quarters. The fight plays out the same all the way until the scene with the female avengers.  where captain marvel puts on the glove to defeat thanos but dies in the process. even with their leader now dead once again this does not stop the armies advance and many lives will be lost in the galaxy if the fighting does not stop.

tony turns to doctor strange only for dr. Strange to sigh and shake his head in disappointment. "Wrong answer..." States Dr. Strange as tony looks at him with confusion.  Dr strange smiles sadely in disappointment as the screen flashes green. time reverts back to age of ultron in which toni snaps out of his vision from that movie due to scarlet witches power. We get confirmation from toni that he remembers at least a bit of what happened but not all with a quick montage of time playing over in a loop with every different avenger and hero introduced over all the movies getting their chance with the gauntlet only to fail and time to continue looping back that is until its tonis turn at bat.  He puts on the glove and it barely affects him at all, as the chest piece absorbs and harnesses the power of the stones safely.

  toni remembering a glimpse of  each incarnation of the fight knows just killing thanos is not enough. He snaps his fingers and in a flash from thanoses perspective he is returned to the past. The very point in time in which he left within his universe but now within the main timeline. He is then forced to play out a scene that he knows will end in his death and his life's work defeated in the end. Causing a never ending time loop in which thanos must fail to succeed knowing he will fail and fall to the avengers who will undo his work over and over again.  This gives more meaning to the line you're not the only one blessed with knowledge when the two first meet and the line that thanos is inevitable as time must play out the way its supposed to. the army of thanks surrenders to the power of the infinity gauntlet wielding iron man.

Dr. Strange approves congratulationing toni on the right answer.  In the aftermath toni hangs up the suit for good to retire permanently to raise his daughter in piece back home with a playful threat of a  rescues attack if he thinks otherwise. Cap goes to return the stones and when he jumps back he's an old man as he chose to live a full life in an alternate timeline before jumping back to the platform and it appears everyone is enjoying a happy ending

Just then a voice can be heard across all worlds across the universe claiming to be the living tribunal proclaiming his absolute rage with the mcu universe for metalling with the fabric of time and that the universe would pay for it descretions and all would be corrected to bring balance.  ending on a wounded Dr. Stranges reaction as he turns and a set of dark avengers being led by nightmare prepare to finish of Dr. Strange under the flag of the living tribunal


In spiderman from home the multi verse is introduced under the disguise of mystero who is actually nightmare preparing his infiltration of the main timeline and opening the gate for the dark avengers to aid in the living tribunals war on the main timeline. This making far from home a prequel to the end credit scene and leading into Dr. Strange 2

The end


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