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Nostradamus foresaw global warming 

terrorism, holocaust, apathy, antisemitism, apartheid, religious 

persecution upheavals emerging 

new nations declaration of follow on 

to America Russia England and France 

in third global war 

twenty seven years will last 

Supreme China will face 

nuke wars in deep seas and new race 

Cassandra, Nostradamus and others 

voiced the divine cosmic ordeals and 

events transitions surging with pace 

glaciers melt inch by inch in year 

emerge streams in flooded rivers 

tributaries inflow mingle in fear 

why worry about ice age! dear 

Arctic temperatures rising 

twice rate of resting world 

carving new sea voyages of trade 

fathom by fathom in sea lanes 

nautical canals like Panama and Suez 

rising sea levels perilous life 

species, polar bears, corals 

aquatic weeds, vortex, epicenter 

lava, craters, cyclones, volcanoes 

upheavals, putsch of islands and 

water compartments of oceans and 

rifts in continental motions 

Pristine Arctic Wilderness 

moves in commotion change 

environment in slow motion 

no care of global warming 

reducing glaciers in melting 

promotion watching Iceland 

Sweden Denmark Norway 

Canada Russia and Finland 

nautical voyages streams in oceans 

Western Nordic shores and Asia come 

closure in waters zones of Europe 

and Africa continents come cities go

slang coined in maritime reducing 

water ways sailing by twenty days 

oceanic project of Nature 's designs.

 Kamal kishore Sharma 

Behind Hotel Midtown Sneh Nagar 

Ward Number 27 Balaghat (MP) India 481001  9424614441  8966088853

Date:Wednesday May 08, 2019


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