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"Did you just call that bird Lilith?" Asked Rachel. 

"That's her name." Said Adrian.

"In my dream Lilith was a beautiful woman in a black dress." Said Rachel.

Adrian just sighed and let Lilith go. She flew up and landed on his shoulder. He ran his fingers through his hair.

"You are hung up on this dream. Tell me about it if you will." Said Adrian. 

They sat there for what seemed like a hour. While Rachel told about her dream. Adrian didn't give off any clues as to any of it being true. Rachel started to feel like an idiot for telling him.

"You don't believe me. Do you?" Asked Rachel looking embarrassed.

Adrian got up to stretch his legs. Rachel just looked at him as he did. Lilith flew over and sat on Rachel's shoulder. It was quiet as the only sound was the slight breeze. 

"Adrian. Who is this girl?" said a voice.

Rachel turned to see a pretty girl standing behind her. Lilith cawed at the new girl. But this was different from when she attacked Adrian. This was aggressive. Lilith left Rachel and dived at the girl. 


The voice was different. It held power making Rachel get light-headed. She struggled to stay awake. She looks and see Lilith is hovering a few feet from the woman. What was this woman and why is she here. A snake slithers out of the woman's sleeve.

"You don't have to be hostile Lilith. I'm only here to talk." Said the woman. 

Lilith flew back and landed on Adrian's shoulder. Rachel looked at Adrian. His expression was of pure anger. 

"What do you want Ava?" Demanded Adrian. 

Rachel swore she knew that name.

"I've come to see if you wanted to team up for the tournament." Said Ava.

Adrian's presence grew darker.

"I would never team up with you. You are a conniving and deceitful person." Said Adrian grinding his teeth.

"Don't make me blush Darling. We used to be a thing." She replied

Rachel was sitting there trying to remember how she knows Ava's name. Then Lucian came to mind. Ava was the name she got from Lucian's mind. She was the first girl Adrian let in. Adrian stared down Ava.

"It's best if you leave. You are wasting your time." Said Adrian. 

The snake on Ava's arm slithered out onto her shoulder. It looked over Rachel and Adrian.

"Ya I know we need him but I can only do so much. Maybe if we got rid of the new girl." Said Ava looking at the snake.

Without delay the snake lunged at Rachel. Rachel reacted to slowly to get away. Adrian knew he wouldn't make it in time. The snake's fangs were about to plunge into Rachel's arm. But then a shield appeared around her. The snake bounced off it. Rachel looked and saw the ornate staff that Belle wields was planted into the ground beside her. Belle came running up phasing through the shield. 

"Are you ok Rachel?" Asked Belle.

Rachel nodded while getting up.

"I knew something was wrong when Ava disappeared from the cafeteria."

The atmosphere changed in an instant. There was a feeling of dread in the air. The girls turned and saw glimmers of red in Adrian's hair. Belle instantly dropped her shield and incased Adrian in it. Rachel knew her dream held some truth after seeing Adrian's hair.

"Adrian I need you to calm down." Yelled Belle.

The look in his eyes showed he wasn't listening. Belle poured more energy into the shield making it glow brighter. Adrian removed his glove and punched the shield. Small cracks formed but healed instantly. 

"Adrian stop!" Begged Belle as she dropped to her knees from the strain.

"You mortals are all the same. You believe violence is always the answer." Adrian said as his hand made contact with the shield repeatedly.

The cracks in the shield became bigger and wasn't healing as fast. Rachel took of her bracelet and could feel the pain Belle was in. Ava just stood there smiling.

"The power he wields is amazing!" She said excitedly.

Rachel was panicking trying to think of something she could do. The shield started to fade. Belle was struggling to stay conscious with every blow to the shield. Ava walked up to the fading shield causing Adrian to become angrier. He removed his other glove and hit the shield with both hands causing it to shatter.

"There is no a being in existence that will save you from me." Said Adrian.

Adrian reached out to grab Ava but a hand grabbed his arm. It was Lucian. His usual chipper expression was replaced with a serious one. 

"This is not you man." Said Lucian.

His words fell onto deaf ears as Adrian ripped his arm away and swung at Lucian. Lucian stopped the swing with one hand. Adrian continued his assault but Lucian either dodged or block the hits.

"You can not beat me with raw strength." Said Lucian

Rachel watched as Lucian held Adrian at bay. What was Lucian to him. Lilith landed on her shoulder but this shocked Rachel. Where was Lilith this whole time. 

"You have to kiss him." Rachel head in her head. 

She looked around trying to find the source but didn't see anyone. 

"You have to kiss him." she heard again

Liltih pecked Rachel in the head. Rachel's head turned to see red eyes looking back at her. This were not the eyes of a normal bird. They told her alot more than she could explain. 

"Lucian can only hold him off for so long. You have to kiss him and use your powers to force him to calm down." Said the voice again but she knew it was Lilith. 

"I don't know how to do that. I like Adrian but I don't think I could just kiss him." Rachel said with a tint of pick on her cheeks. 

"I feel something very powerful in you and feel you are the only person here that could stop him." Said Lilith.

Rachel didn't know what to do. She really did like Adrian but did he like her back. She don't think her heart could take it if he didn't. She look back over to Adrian and Lucian as they fought. Rachel could see that Lucian was starting to strain. She steeled her heart and got up. She had to find the perfect timing so that she could kiss him without getting hit. But before she moved Adrian overpowered Lucian and put him to the ground. 

"ADRIAN!" Rachel yelled

Adrian turned and in his eyes she could see tears. For a split second Rachel felt the overwhelming sadness in his heart. Adrian turned back to Ava. Looks like he never forgot his goal. He reached her pulling back his fist. His fist came forward but stopped since it wasn't Ava in front of him anymore but Rachel.

"Why do you protect this creature. She has brought nothing but pain to people." Said Adrian.

"I am not protecting her. The one I'm protecting is you Adrian." Said Rachel. 

Before he could reply Rachel moved and pressed her lips to his. In an instant Adrian dropped to his knees. Rachel wasn't strong enough to keep him up so she dropped too. Rachel still couldn't believe she did that. But when she looked down at Adrian she was glad she did. From her lack of strength they fell into a somewhat awkward position. They ended up with Adrian pretty much laying on top of her. His head was on her chest. This made Rachel's heart flutter but she really didn't mind. Since she came to this school Adrian has been one of the few people she could always rely on. Since she felt like she wouldnt be able to move til he woke up. She just ran her hands through his hair.

"You know it's unladylike to have a guy between your legs" said a voice. 

Rachel turned and saw Selina. She gave a Selina a smile.

"Well he passed out and I'm not strong enough to move him. To be honest I like being this close to him." Said Rachel. 

Selina bends down and with one good pulled. She pulled Adrian off of Rachel laying him on the ground. Looking around Selina saw Belle and Lucian passed out. Ava just standing off to the side with a big smile on her face.

"What happened here?" Asked Selina while helping Rachel to her feet. 

"Long story short. Ava attacked me and Adrian lost control." Said Rachel.

"So who knocked Adrian out?" Said Selina.

"Me." Said Rachel as a blush covered her face.

Lilith landed beside Adrian. She pecked his cheek a few times. Rachel quickly picked the bird up.

"Why do you have to be so mean to him?" Said Rachel. 

Selina just watched at the interaction of the two. She smiled a little bit. She reached over putting her hand on Rachel's shoulder. Then Rachel remembered Belle and Lucian. She quickly turned to them. Belle was knelt down beside Lucian healing his wounds. Rachel felt relieved that they were ok.

"Well if it is all the same to you. I'm going to take Adrian with me." Said Ava

Rachel turned back to Ava to see Adrian was laying over the shoulder of a big guy. 

"Don't worry I will take good care of him. Not often do you get your hands on someone this powerful." Said Ava as she walked away with Adrian.

Rachel didn't know what to do. She was panicking. A wall of flames appeared in front of Ava and her friend stopping them.

"I'm afraid you are wrong. I'm powerful enough to fight you." Said Selina.

"Don't make me laugh. My friend here is fire resistant. I knew you would show up Matches." Said Ava pointing to the guy.

Rachel could see Selina get mad at what Ava called her. Selina's hair started to burn. Surprisingly her uniform didnt cause fire where her hair was touching it. Selina's eye narrowed onto Ava. But her new friend broke her line of sight. Selina's power was pyrokinesis. She could control and light fires with her mind. Her only limitation was she had to be able to see it.

"I can not stand by any longer." Said Lilith in Rachel's mind.

A grown woman in a black dress appeared beside Rachel. Rachel realized her dream was true since Lilith looked the exact same. Lilith walked over to Selina putting her arm around her shoulders. All Rachel saw was Lilith lean in and whisper into Selina's ear. It was like an explosion went off. Selina's gentle yellowish red flames turned a bright blue.

"What did you do to her?" Yelled Rachel

The ground around Selina started to boil from the extreme heat she was giving off. Her skin started to blister. A shield of light appeared around her. Selina started to hold her throat. The flames started to diminish. Slowly Selina feel to the ground. The shield disappeared.

"What the hell Lilith. She was going to go supernova and destroy everything within a 10 mile radius." Said Belle

"She would of fried that little girl and her companion." Replied Lilith.

Belle let out an exasperated sigh while holding the bridge of her nose. Belle looked exhausted. She went over to Selina and looked at the damage caused by the heat. The damage wasnt extensive. But it was enough to where it would take some time to heal. While everyones attention was on Selina. Ava attempted to leave. Sometime among all the commotion Rachel's bracelet was gone. She heard Ava's thoughts on the lies she is going to feed Adrian to brainwash him. Rachel turned to see in front of Ava stood Lilith and the woman in white.

"You will not be leaving with my Master." Said Lilith.

Rachel was still at a lose. She didn't know if everything in her dream was true. A lot of things were similar but there was still so many blanks. Was Adrian some supreme being. But he didn't kill anyone like in my dream. While Rachel was deep in thought about what had happened. Lilith stared down Ava. Ava had a sense of confidence that she was going to have her way. But it was shattered the moment Lilith stepped forward bringing the big guy to his knees in an instant.

"What are you women? And want is Adrian to the point that you call him Master?" Said Ava.

The woman in white stepped forward. The moment her hand touched Ava. Ava passed out. The woman laid Ava on the ground and disappeared. Lilith was knelt down next to Adrian examining him.


  • i love this story. your ideas are awesome. please continue this story.

    May 24, 2019

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