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One day it started and then didn't stop meteors coming down on Earth the size of buildings wiping out 98% the human race out of 7.7 1% of us survived and then they came to enslave the remaining few of us left at first we thought they were here to help us but that was not the case they look like us and talk like us but we we're very very wrong to think they were here to help us they destroyed most of the art in history those who fought back were slaughtered without hesitation they were not like us they were much stronger we didn't stand a chance those that's what the survivors of my Colony told us I was born into a world where chaos and power were everything some of us who had power started building a resistance to fight back against the ray hoping to take back our home and push the Invaders back those who were captured by the ray were used as test subjects for their mad experiments or used as slaves whenever the re work to come across a colony where to exterminate the men first so if some of us did get away we couldn't repopulate or rebuild well that's what I know right now now that we're finished. Explaining now to start my start my story is the beginning of the end my name is zero chapter1 the extermination who is she why is she here quiet quiet here they come Jack open the gate we're coming in yes sir the big metal blast doors slowly Creek open 6 men and a small childlike figure walk-in they are wearing blood-stained and tatteredtottered closeclothes Cheng's drag against the floor coming from underneath a small child like figure people of TF we have found our next meal one of them soldiers mutters something under his breath this dish better be worth the trouble the leader of the group of soldiers tears the cloth hiding the small child like figure revealing a small girl with white hair with chains I'm wrapped around her feet and hands and the cloth covering her mouth covered in blood   all of a sudden a woman from the crowd makes her way through the crowd she pops her head out to see what's going on she sees a small girl with white hair and the men licking their lips at the sight of her play woman steps out of the crowd demanding to know what's going on she is wearing tattered jeans and grease and oil stained tank top are you guys really thinking about doing this has it really come down to eating people the commanding soldier looks her up and down sing who the hell are you the woman replies with I'm your worst nightmare if you don't let that one go the commanding officer laughs out loud what can you do you don't even have a weapon and we do so get lost or I'll shoot you too try it the man raises his rifle as the woman walks towards the barrel of the gun the man pulls the trigger what the fuck I'm out of ammo the woman says my turn add an arrow darts from the sky and goes through the man's foot fuck that hurt b.... before the word leaves his mouth another arrow goes through his knee cap Man Down sniper the commanding officers soldiers scan the cliffs but see no one my wallet I would take you guys out before you could even touch me fine you win this one will be taking our dish now more for us then oh no you aren't the woman whistles you can hear the vibration of the ground shaking you steadily at all muscular figure appears from a crowd carrying a homemade battle axe oh s*** Commander that's that's APG l34 we don't stand f****** chance like cowards they run away from their Commander the figure gets closer and closer to the commander until it's face face to face with the man the man instantly turns around and makes a run for it oh no you don't the woman says Kyle get him the figure known as Kyle puts his arm out his fist towards the man running away bullets spew from the arm like a turret until the man is nothing more than a pile of meat the small girl stands there without a sound staring at the floor smiling she murmurs something under her breast that's what you fuck s get.


  • May 07, 2019

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