Blind To Sight... To Little To Late (Gov Controls You)part 1 Read Count : 2

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Do these Jean's fit my ass? The essence of today's society. Dumbed down by their peers and the ones above even the government. The ones who control what we watch, what we eat, what we see, what we think, feel,hear, and so on n so forth. Many of you bend to their will without even a hesitation or a look back to see what they are doing to you. False accusations that go unheard, assassination of a dr and rapper for curing cancer  just like aids in 74 or 75 i believe and still we stand here...Unuited, estranged, and alone.

     Nomore can I watch them kill our loved ones. Nomore can I watch them kill who they please when they please. Nomore can I be silent on this. For you, the people if America need to realize what's going on. And if you dont believe me then your story has been told. But I trust in those who know who I am, who know who I speak for, to bring a guiding light to those blinded for so many years.  Set up to fail miserably then over the years quickly a rapid recovery is encouraged to endear.  All this for what? Well can't you see? For war that will be the end of our chapters on earth. Not the human race but just ours. 

I leave with s thought. This generation of let's say 25 to 35 where beaten,broken, drug epidemic  and so on n so forth. My generation 1986 and around had more people born then the baby boomers and the Gov. Was scared of a overthrow. A riot. They where scared of the most powerful thing that not even they can take from us. LOVE. no explanation no scientist can tell you why or how love is so powerful. But yet they hold us back? Why? Why wouldnt they want us to advance?  We loved eachother fiercely. Doors where open. Kids played outside. People where what they where suppose to be, together thru love. They took us and broke us and put every obstacle infront if us to break us. And they won. Or dif they? I know who will lead us out of this war thru peace and tranquility. 

Only if the people can once again love and open their eyes.  I leave you with one more example. If the news was happy all the time and TV shows funny and nice . Not many would hate.  For, they chose to make you scared. To make neighborhoods think they are suppose to be bad ass. None of you. Puppets  are what you are until you yourself do something.  


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    May 10, 2019

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