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In 2009 there was a house and they was a family with 4 kids two boys and two girls then they had a young boy walking down the street at night his name was Bob Martin and he heard noises from the family house and he heard saying the mom but the gun and knife down as she was crying then Bob sees blood across the windows and door and then he looked scared and ran home then the 4 kids killed there mom and dad but then they had to move out and see a new family move in there and then 4 kids didn't like that but they waited so they can kill those people then time jump Preasday it is 2019 with a family in the car the big brother name was Shane the big sister was Abby the second sister was Zoey and the little brother was Lucus they were the Williams family they were going to there new house were the 4 kids killed there mom and dad in 2009 then they get there Shane sreams out WE MADE IT!!! and Abby Zoey and Lucus say damm it Shane!! Then they get out the car get there stuff to bring in the house then u see in the window someone watching them then Shane comes back outside and sees Bob and Shane said hey my name is Shane and bob said my name is bob and bob said so your new around here and Shane said yes I am and bob said what house you moved into and Shane says that one and Bob says all know and Shane said what wrong then Abby Zoey and Lucus come out so then Bob told them wat happen back then so there was that house back In 2009 they had a mom a dad and there 4 kids and they killed there mom and dad in that house and new family's since 2010 to 2018 had never came back out from that house that your moving in to and Shane was laughing and saying oh come on stop trying to scare us and Bob said I'm not and then Shane said come on yall let's go inside and Bob said ok don't believe me but there will be 3 nights 1st night 2nd night and the 3rd night on the 3rd night you will all know that I was right and then Abby Zoey and Lucus went inside and Bob walked home and Shane went to grabbed something off the ground and then Shane sees a person across the street staring at him and Shane said well that funny he kinda got my body a little with my arms to and Shane said how you doing today and the person didn't answer back he just kept Staring at Shane and then Shane said ok and ran inside and shut the door and locked it and then it was night time and the 1st night Zoey was taking a shower lucus was in his room playing the ps4 and Shane and Abby were in the living room watching TV the Zoey taking a shower a girl looks at her in the shower holding a knife and then Zoey turns around and sreams and then Shane said Zoey Zoey and Abby runs to the bathroom and Lucus comes out his room is Zoey ok and Shane said idk stay back Lucus and then Abby cover Zoey up with a rope and ask are you ok and Shane and Lucus came in and said are you ok Zoey and Zoey told them I saw a girl with a knife in her hand smileing at me and she looked like me and Abby Shane were shocked and Lucus was scared and Shane said wow and Abby said what wrong and Shane said i saw someone outside that look like me and now Zoey seeing it what is going on and Abby was like huh and Shand said we need to get some sleep and then they went to bed and then it was the 2nd night and then Zoey and Lucus was Sleep and Abby and Shane are talking and so Abby ask Shane what is wrong and Shane says I saw someone look like me and Zoey saw the same think she said it looked like her and Abby said ok then hugged Shane and said it going to be ok and then Lucus room he sleeping but something was under his bed making noise and then Lucus woke up and turn his light on and them screamed and Zoey woke up and Shane and Abby ran to Lucus room and Shane said what wrong and Lucus said he heard something under his bed then he turned the light on and Lucus said he saw himself and Shane was shocked and Abby was like what the heck and Zoey said Oh my god and Lucus was crying Abby hugged him and looked at Shane and Shane said abby I saw it Zoey saw it and now Lucus saw it to and Abby said we all sleep together tonight and then they all went to bed then it was the 3rd night so Zoey was sleep and Lucus was playing ps4 Shane was watching TV and Abby was getting her some snacks and then Abby turned around and saw out the window herself waving at her and then ran away and Abby was like Shaneeeee and Shane came at said what wrong you were right and Shane said huh and Abby said I saw myself out the window and Shane said Oh my God and then there power went off and Abby said what the freak and Shane said was trying to fix the power but it won't come back on then Lucus came in and scared Abby and Shane and Shane said jeues and Abby said what wrong Lucus and Lucus said there 4 people standing in front our house and Shane look at Abby with a shocked face and then Shane Abby and Lucus looked out the window and Shane looked and said who is that the 4 people were outside hold hangs staring at there house and Abby said no no no we calling 911 right now and Shane said really maybe I can talk to them and then Zoey walked out and said what is going on and Abby said give your phone for a second then Abby was calling 911 and Shane said Oh my God and then Shane walks out the door and Abby says Shaneee and Shane outside and says Hi can I help yall and 4 people didn't even talk or move then Shane says listen i don't like how yall crepping on my sister in the shower and my other sister threw the window and plus my little brother from under his bed can yall please just stay away from this house and the 4 people didn't even talk or move and Shane said ok in a scared way then goes back inside and said we should call 911 and Abby said we did there was no answer and Shane was like what and how and Shane said ok ok you know what give me the bat and Lucus said what bat and Shane said there a bat in the and then Zoey brought Shane the bat and then Shane putting on his shoes and Abby saying Shane Shane Shane and Shane saying he got this no no no and Shane opens the door and Abby says Shaneeee and Shane said I got this and shuts the door and then Shane's outside with the bat and says did I tell yall to leave from in front of my house but If yall want to get crazy we can get crazy and then one of the 4 people clapped there hands and two of them went left and right and the big tall one went down the middle towards Shane and the other stayed where it was and Shane said hey hey hey hey in a nervous way and then he went back inside and locked the door and then the big talk person hitting on the door trying to break in and the other two going around back and Shane said make sure the other stuff is locked Zoey and Lucus went to go do it and Lucus was heading to then gets JUMP SCARED by a little boy with a evil smile on his face and then Abby grabs Lucus and then Zoey going to then sees a little girl climbing the tree then Abby grabs her and Abby is holding Zoey and Lucus and standing next to Shane and then everything goes quiet then they here the tall person whistiling then the door is unlocking and Abby said I thought you hide the key and Shane says I had a key and the door opens and Shane says Oh Deer Nuts the runs and close the door back but the tall person was pushing it open and Shane was pushing it to be closed then Abby Zoey and Lucus are scared and the tall person grabs the bat from Shane then hits him in the knee with it and Shane falls on the ground the Abby Zoey and Lucus are scared then the door opens the Shane looks up and sees the tall person then Shane Starts crawling away and Abby Zoey and Lucus start backing up then the rest of them were breaking in then they broke in The big tall person and other two girls just staring at the Shane Abby Zoey and Lucus then a little boy comes from behind them makes Abby Zoey and Lucus sit down on the couch then Shane gets up from the floor and sits on the couch to then the little boy lights the fire place up so it won't be dark then The random family looking at the Williams Family Zoey said what is this and Lucus said its Us the random girl said we are the Refield Family and the random family was all wearing red then the girl said My name is April the   Tethered of Abby and this is my big brother Hound the Tethered of Shane and my little sister Eleven the Tethered of Zoey and my little brother Ej the Tethered of Lucus then Shane said but what do yall want from us and April said we want yall dead Shane was shocked Abby Zoey and Lucus were scared then April said don't worried we kill yall we take yall place in yall life well lets start on the couch on the Abby Lucus Zoey then Shane and April said FIGHT TO THE DEATH and looked at Hound and gave him a hand sign means go get your  Doppel ganger so Hound walked up to Shane Abby Zoey and Lucus were getting nervous and scared then Hound grabs Shane shirt and pulls him of the couch and Shane's says hey hey get off me then Hound has in his right hand the bat and his left dragging Shane's right leg and Zoey and Lucus were screaming DADDDDDD!!!!! DADD!!! and Abby was like no please and Hound was dragging Shane to the back of the house by the dock and Shane was screaming NOOO PLEASE MAN DONT DO THIS!!! and Abby said SHANE SHANE!!! Then Hound breaks the glass window then drags Shane over glass and outside to the back then April looks at Eleven and gives her the hand sign and then Eleven walks up to Zoey with a big evil smile on her face Zoey was scared and April said Yall girls go play KNIFE TAG and Abby said knife tag what the heck and Lucus was scared and April said yea KNIFE TAG and April told Zoey runnn!!!! And abby told Zoey go go and Zoey ran out the front door of the house and Eleven following her holding a knife in her hand and they gone and now April looks at Ej to go get Lucus and Ej goes hops on the table and waiting for Lucus hold a lighter and April said Yall go play HOLD YOUR BREATH and Abby wa crying and Scared and Lucus took Ej to his room and they were gone and April just laughing and looking at Abby then Hound throws Shane down the Stairs and Shane is in pain and trying to crawl away but he can't then Hound pulls out some scissors then Shane says come on man I got two sisters and brother to look after and puts his hand up and says please don't man and Hound looks at him like he doesn't care what he has to say them Hound throws a swing and Shane said says NOOO DON'T then Hound knocked him out with the scissors on the side of the head then Zoey running down the street from Eleven then Eleven said Zoey you can run but you can't hide from me then it Shows Abby and April and then April looks at Abby and abby says what do you want and then April gets up and says what do we want and then April grabs Abby's head and says what do we want we one all dead we been waiting for this day then April crushing Abbys head more into the table then Shane opens the black body bag he is in then peaks out to see what is happening but he sees Hound Driving a boat and he is on it and there on water out far from land then the boat breaks down then hound goes to fix it then Shane starts to get out the black body bag then Hound bagging on the motor to fix the boat and then behind him was Shane with his bat ready for hound to turn around then Hound turned around then Shane 


  • May 07, 2019

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