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So, I asked myself why I had gained so much weight

In my thoughts and my sayings

So much weight in my heart that if I were bigger than the world wanted

It would only be your raft keeping me afloat

But, I found no reason as to why the food seemed to be so filling

In my thoughts and my sayings

They were overflowing with mystery

Capsizing until even the spars became vulnerable to salt water's nature - tears

So, I looked behind me and searched for answers

In my thoughts and my sayings

I found ancient feelings that had never manifested

In the way they did through this lonely, never-ending navigation

But, I was muddled now

"This is so insignificant," I thought

Every tangent seemed like scarry instances

Yet, it wasn't. I remember; I never knew of ominous sea creatures

So, I had sunk due to the weight of a heart

The thoughts

The sayings

Feeding a world, that used to treat me with such kindness,

With the unwanted parts of the burden I had gained 


  • May 07, 2019

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