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   It's very funny, even today in the 21st century we find there are people who don't understand the difference between what a handicap is and the mental illness. In fact, many people when they hear the word handicap assume it's a mental problem. When I was in school, this was very common because I was in a unique position. With having a physical handicap, and being in charge of my mental faculties I was estranged from most of the normal students. Even though I was in normal classes, I was neither considered a normal student or one of the other students. Most of the students in the special class, weren't as intelligent as I was. This put me in an awkward position, because my physical skills were limited which became problematic for those trying to help me. Even then though, I have to admit that they didn't make a full effort to help me. I wasn't the best student, but I wasn't in the best position to get help either.

   It was only through late Middle School, and high school that I felt like I belonged to my class. Earlier on, I was struggling more than I let on to them. It wasn't me being lazy, as much as me not being able to do the physical work. They didn't seem to understand this though, as they constantly asked me to keep doing the work. When they came to realize problems, they just held me down instead is letting me grow like the other students. A block, which I was never really was encouraged to go over. Even today, I see this as an unfair disadvantage which held me down. Even though this disadvantage affected my life, I believe I'm on the right track. It's wonderful to have been encouraged to do more. Most people close to me claimed to encourage me, but it seems like that's only when they're talking to someone else. The reality is, they scoff or gripe when I have to work, over whatever they want. Where would I have ended up with that encouragement when I really needed it wonder?


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