WW GENOCIDE Read Count : 35

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Science Fiction

ww genecide takes multiple approaches to various scientific views with a fichtional story and many scientific views in my thoughts and a story based book.

I periodically update chapters with new content such as a game with updates,

Im working on it chapter by chapter so by the time you see chapter two posted chapter one will be fully complete. 

As we all know the year 2000 was supposed to be aglobal catastrophe concerning electronics and power and this book takes place in a post apocalyptic parallel dimension of what seems to be the future at a catastrophic events one after another of possible events that could be happening to earth in a parallel dimentional multiverse of earths.

The fictionary story is based on teo charectors that havent spoke or seen each other since childhood finding themselves facing many catastrophic events making their odds of survival very slim and will they every make it back to their own dimension?  

Stay tuned to find out (will be a long book yet a long time til it will be complete)


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