This 7th Graders Feelings Pt.2 Read Count : 2

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I don't get it I really don't 

get it

She was talking all that crap 

but when she's confronted she

immediatlely starts crying

telling everyone lies

acting like the victim

then she walks in crying

me being strong is holding it in

then everyone goes to her

comfrating her telling that I'm not worth crying over

all the people I don't like

ex- friends

so I left I was so stressed out that I started crying

only three people came out to comfort me

make me feel wanted

gave me confidence

my teacher was concerned

But I still didn't feel okay is life supposed to be that okay

the rest of the day I feel like crap

can't even make a rap

got almost everyone against me now.

Why does there have to be sides.

can't you see that I'm depressed

that I'm a mess

and that I'm stressed

the restorative circle we had

didn't even help

she still keeps on talking about it

and I can't stop her


everyone keeps my name in their mouth

some people want me to make it into a good thing

but it's not

for me it's not

I have to put on a fake smile

around my few friends

and I know when they get quiet

their talking about me

They make it obvious when their

talking about me


does it always have to be me ?


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