This 7th Grader's Feelings Pt.1 Read Count : 32

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I was so pissed off

these boys keep on messing with me

I get hurt but it's funny

to everyone

but when other people get hurt

it's an are you okay

I never get that around here

only from a few people

but a fee people isn't enough

isn't enough for me to feel better

for me to be happy

I get hurt and the male teacher tells me to stop

me to stop defending myself

from these boys

I'm not going to back down to no one

so I left

started crying out of anger

telling my friend it's always me

me that they laugh at

me that they use

me that they always bully

and they call me the problem

then these people want to annoy me

then cry saying they didn't do anything

and say that they get blamed for everything

while I'm here and they don't even know how I feel

so screw them

like stop talking crap

when your just going to cry later

stop being such a b*tch !

own up to your words

like I can.



  • Isabella Watkins

    Isabella Watkins

    same my dude

    May 06, 2019

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