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May 6th, 2019....

Day One of Holy Ramadhan

I know how life can change within the blink of an eye.... unexpectedly, mostly unavoidable, often synchronistic, always surprising, and sometimes shocking me. 

For the good or not so good, the pleasant or unpleasant, life doesn't miss a beat as it brings in change and turns my current direction 360 degrees. 

In becoming consciously aware of who I am and how life actually does work for me, I take back responsibility for the changes that happen to me. No longer do I allow change to come by default. 

I am deeply grateful for today and all that is good in my world. I fill my heart with love for the blessings I feel, see, know, and extend these out to those that would be supported by this energy. 

I live in the moment of knowing that it is this moment now that creates future moments which brings change to my life, and I carry my energetic surfboard always in readiness to ride the wave that is always coming. 

I continue to open my eyes, open my heart, to make life a fun and fantastic journey, regardless of the waves of change that come my way. I see change as the wonderful energy it is, and I am always ready to embrace it when it arrives in my life, as change comes because I created it in some way. 

I recognize that the universe is working with me. As I focus on my dreams, my goals, and on building my self to the higher level of awareness, I am fully aware that God will take care of the details. 

I recognize that my thoughts, words, feelings, and actions are all powerful creative tools.... indicators supporting the universe to bring to me my strongest intentions. 

Through action, I give to others. And as my heart receives the joy of doing so, the universe feels this. 

Through feeling, I hold each precious moment and everything contained within, in my love.... thus becoming a vibrational match to my deepest heart's desires. 

Through seeing, believing in, and supporting myself and others in their growth.... my purpose, clarity, and vision is shown, known, and supported by the universe. 

And through my deep gratitude to life for all this experience is showing me about myself, I am engaged, open, and in the flow to receive. 

How blessed am I. 


  • May 06, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Love it

    May 06, 2019

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