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Salutations everyone I'm sure people are wondering why communism is good and some might be saying that it's evil and that all Communists are evil well let's have a look through my eyes the eyes of what used to be a true capitalist person who wanted to open up a bank and how someone could go from a true capitalist and then to a socialist and eventually a communist a stalinist to be exact well here's my story I grew up in Kansas my mom got cancer and so we moved to Kansas and then sadly I got bullied a lot no big deal right well this was a big deal I want to planning emotionally traumatized and well y'all like this all American idea that maybe everyone should be the same in well not the same but every one is different in their own beautiful ways that people just got to accept that but one day I ran into this thing called a history book and I started doing research on well everything so I started trying to figure out Good Frome bad eventually I noticed that the USA was actually an evil country blinding the children of true evil such as aiding terrorists also secret nuclear facilities in the west I also found out that politics has torn apartment the community which then I turned to looking and comparing the people who United their countries they all had things in common ONE should be noted and that is they are athoritarian you see people will make decisions which affect many and they do so without noticing they then try to find someone else to blame I had learned that free will is the most dangerous human aspect so people need a symbol and they need a leash the only evil in an athoritarian government is going to far but what do you expect they are supposed to unite an entire country to a purpose and do so with juggling assassin's or politics or crimes or even war maybe we forgten something? Yes the thing we forget is that humans will allways complain they need to satisfy themselves a governments only purpose is to bring safety to it's citizens and to ensure they can thrive and in that sense it's generally the people who are evil the people who fight their protectors the people who forgot their job is to make each other happy so how can a government make this happen? Giving benefits and equaling out the playing field. How would one do this? It's simple under the guid of my ideology!

The basic formula

Taracking citizens

Rewarding good behavior

Impartial to those who are neutral 

Punish those who do bad

Limiting the power of smaller parts of government

Securing a job for them via tests

Judging payment entirely on commitment (this will make people behave)

Not limiting kids to just learning Frome a school (like letting kids get grades Frome listening to workers under a program to teach children)

Forcing people slightly out of their comfort zone

Make politics ileagal to normal media but ading a space where politics are completely un censored

So the reason for the last thing

If you don't have politics in the main media you can prevent confrontation but a place where politics is entirely uncensored and easy to access allows people to still make apinions without being botherd in the general public


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