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My parents don't love me my siblings don't love me I'm all alone I get slapped a lot by people I care about even people I don't know and so today is when I kill myself I took the knife and killed myself a few minutes later I woke up in a house I came down stairs there was food on the table with a note I read the note it said [ hey welcome to dead world there will be food on the table every day enjoy ] I was in shock I eat the food then I heard a knock on the door a girl with bruises all over her body was at the door she said "hey my name is sam I died 4 years ago in a car accident welcome to dead world" I was in shock but I introduced myself h..hi my name is Ben and I'm 16 years old sam said "nice to meet u Ben now we gotta go to death high it's a school" I was about to talk when sam grabbed my hand and started running as we were running I saw a lot of people that were hurt but it seems like they don't feel the pain, we finally got to the school we went inside there was a lot of people I made some really good friends the school was fun I was walking In the hall by myself when I bumped into someone I look up and it was a tall dude with sexy hair he was so handsome and he looked like a bad boy then he said " WHATCH WHERE UR GOING FAT HEAD" I was in complete shock I got mad and said " if ur bum ass wasn't on ur phone u would have Sean me" he looked shocked while I walked pass him school was over me and sam walked home together and I told sam everything sam said " omg girl u didn't lol nobody has ever talked to Jordan like that " so that's his name I murmured i came home said bye to sam 30 minutes later food appeared on the table I eat it I heard a knock on the door I went and opened the door it was a sexy tall man with a bag I blushed and he said "hey I'm sam brother sam told me to deliver these clothes to ur house she said wear it for the party she said she will come and pick u up" I said "th..thank..u " he said he will talk to me later he started walking but turned back and looked at me and said "your cute when u blush" I looked at him with embarrassment I closed the door and seared the clothes he gave me I waited for a knock then I heard a knock on the door it was sam we both walked to the party there was a lot of cool stuff like real dragons flying in the sky there were dinasours and a lot of cool stuff sam called my name and I ran to her and she showed me waster and she said "do u want to know what your parents are doing now?I said he I want to know what my family is doing now the water flashed and it showed my famIly....My blood.. the people that are suppose to care that I'm gone they were celebrating they were happy I was gone I cried my eyes out I saved away from sam I didnt care where I was going then I bumped into someone I looked up with my swollen red eyes and it was that guy I bumped into at school he said " u again :0" when he said that he made a face that showed that he wanted to stop me from crying I ran past him I ran ran and ran until I stoped in the middle of nowhere and I felt a hand on my...shoulder TO BE CONTINUED....

 Aouthor/ I'm realy sorry I haven't posted In a lonngg time but now I'm back:)))


  • May 23, 2019

  • OK go ahead

    May 23, 2019

  • this was really interesting but you're Grammer and some vocabulay need work. but good writing.

    May 23, 2019

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